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Senao/EnGenius LP17 Lightning Protector 6 GHz


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EnGenius Senao LP-17#

ODGR-SENAO-LP17-6GHZ is a lightning gas arrestor, protect devices against lightning. In the case of an overvoltage is interrupted due to a fuse installed inside the unit. The installation It is very easy. Plug ODGR-SENAO-LP17-6GHZ between the antenna and transmitting device and connect the grounding cable.

EnGenius Senao LP-17

Key features:
  • Operating frequency from 2 GHz to 6
  • Good quality construction
  • Replaceable Gas fuses

Technical Specifications :#

Frequency 2 do 6 GHz
VSWR < 1:1.7
Losses ≤ 0,9 dBi
Impedance 50 Ohm
Breakdown voltage - fuse < 700V
Insulation resistance > 10000M Ohm
Connector N - (female-male)
Breakdown voltag (max) 5 KV
RF Power 15W
Weight 89.8g
Dimensions(L x H x W) 73x4020 mm
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Questo prodotto č stato aggiunto al nostro catalogo il Venerdě 20 Giugno, 2008.
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