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Manufacturer: Mikrotik
Product model: RBLHGR
Stock:  Esaurito Esaurito
Packaging: 4 pcs/carton
Documentation: download datasheet for RBLHGRRBLHGR - Datasheet
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RTB-RBLHGR-R11E-LTE (LHG LTE kit) Mikrotik
The LHG R is an integrated high gain 21dBi LTE antenna WITHOUT LTE modem (free miniPCI-e slot). In the case, if for any reason you don't want to use one of our own LTE modems, you can simply buy the LHG R and install the modem of your choice.

Unit is designed, for remote locations that are within cellular network coverage. Mount it outdoors, on a pole, mast or any high enough structure, and connect even where cell phones can?t. Due to it?s large sized high gain antenna, the device is capable to connect to cell towers in extreme rural locations, giving you the ability to provide last mile internet access where nothing else is available.


CPU QCA9531 650 MHz
Storage 16 MB Flash
Ethernet 1x 10/100mbps
SIM slot 1x Mini SIM
MiniPCI-e slots 1
PoE in 12 - 57 V (Passive PoE, 802.3af/at)
Dimensions 391 x 391 x 227 m
Operating temperature -40?C .. +60?C
Operating System RouterOS, level 3
Max Power consumption 6W
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